The new class of mobile IoT modules from GeoTraq

by | Apr 29, 2019 | IoT Technology

GeoTraq is curating a tracker module to track the assets, and it provides the services based on location, alongside Sensor-Module which can be utilized to monitor things remotely. GeoTraq believes in the fact that the new miniature version of the IoT modules has the potential to change the way the businesses located the assets and communicate with data around the world.

The Mobile Internet of Things is usually referred to as LPWA IoT networks. Since the inception, both NB-IoT and LTE-M have been a part of the Third Generation Partnership project also known as 3GPP, and they have been classified as Mobile IoT by the mobile industry. According to GSMA, at an unparalleled rate, the Mobile Internet of Things is getting a full range of availability around the world. In addition, GSMA announced that the Mobile IoT coverage would reach 93% of the massive IoT markets around the world.

The mobile IoT modules which are currently being curated by GeoTraq is going to offer most of the core features which are similar to that of the original GSM module of the company. The corner of GeoTraq mobile IoT modules is small size, long battery life, low power, and global connectivity. They are generally designed keeping the independent form factor as their architecture which eliminates the hassle as well as the cost of building and designing a printed circuit board meant for mounting.

GeoTraq uses the Sequans Monarch SiP. By the looks of it, Sequans Monarch SiP is regarded to be the most incredibly optimized LTE-M/NB-IoT chip. Sequans combined the Skywards universal radio at the front end of the device. By simple utilizing the LTE radio, Monarch with the incorporation of PoLTE, It can use accurate outdoor and indoor positioning. Pierre Parent, the GM of GeoTraq said that their mobile IoT modules are based on the fundamental and straightforward nature of IoT.

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