The IoT healthcare devices are vulnerable

by | Sep 2, 2019 | IoT News

The usage of IoT devices are emerging at a vast rate. The IHS Markit forecasts that there will be 73 billion Internet of Things connected devices which would be used across the world by the beginning of 2025.

The Internet of Things technology has been moved right beyond smart fridges and speakers. The IoT technology utilizes critical applications around the worldwide healthcare industry such as the connected inhalers, delivery devices, and also in treating cancer.

A report from originates from the analysts of the digital platform, Irdeto which suggests that the healthcare sectors across the world lack the resources needed to tackle the emerging cybersecurity threat. Moreover, this also puts the safety of the patients at absolute risk. The latest research of the company suggests that security decision-makers of worldwide health organizations are experiencing the IoT cybersecurity challenges.

Around 82 of the healthcare organizers across the world are experiencing an Internet of Things cyber attacks in the past couple of years. The report also suggests that around six percent of several healthcare organizations have which they need to tackle the challenges that IoT cybersecurity poses. There is also an urgent requirement for the increased skill along with an increased budget for security services.

The Internet of Things devices are usually targeted by the cybercriminals as they can be compromised very easily. In addition to this, most of the businesses around the world are being affected by cybercriminals. By the looks of it, the major problem is that the emergence in the growth of the Internet of Things devices, the security protocols of the Internet of Things are not taken into consideration.

Due to this, the healthcare organizations around the world do not incorporate the expertise to ensure the IoT devices when they use in the organizations.

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