The IoT Community Network will launch in Charlottesville

by | Apr 5, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

On Thursday, A nonprofit tech organization in Charlottesville, Virginia has reportedly launched a new network based on the “Internet of Things.” Anyone around the city can easily connect themselves with the network and draw the pre-existing data from the network. According to the nonprofit tech organization, people can use the drawn data to develop new applications and for serving public needs. People can also use data for creating their very own gateways.

Smart Cville is the group behind the network of the nonprofit organization. By the looks of it, the organization has combined its forces with Link Lab of the University of Virginia to focus on the physical-cyber systems. The non-profit organization aims to connect the youth who have a lower set of incomes with technology that are already operating in Smart Cville’s network gateway. The organization wants to aid Computers4Kids as well as Charlottesville High School in the long run.

Lucas Ames, the founder of Smart Cville, said that they have been testing their network in the past several months and they hope to expand their networks all the way through the grassroots movements which will serve and engulf the entire community upon its development.

According to Ames, Smart Cville is a big-time believer in smart city technologies. Ames also believes that smart city is much better than the conventional cities as it is much more equitable, sustainable and create a better place for the people to live.

The new network of Smart Cville covers almost 10 square miles of Charlottesville. The system is built by using the technology that comes from The Things Network. The Dutch company, The Things Network has already deployed the networks based on the Internet of Things in 137 countries.

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