The Internet of Things Security Gap is increasing

by | Jun 6, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

This year in May, a research team took the role of analyzing Internet of Things traffic on their cloud for a term of one month. The goal was to see the different types of devices that are in use with the corporation’s enterprise networks for customers. They figured out that the devices generate a huge volume of traffic, destinations and suspicious behaviour which has raised massive security concerns.

In May, the team of researchers saw that there had been more 56 million transactions from 270 distinctive segments of devices that are placed in more than 1,000 organizations. Also back in the summer of 2016, the team conducted a report on the Internet of Things traffic. They said that as compared to the traffic volume of 2016, 2019, traffic volume was over 150 times more.

The only problem that they reported was that it was extremely easy to connect devices to the network; nevertheless, it was easier to see and manage them. So, this brings to a logical conclusion that visualizing the device has a gaping problem. It is imperative to know what the devices have been receiving and sending on the internet, and this is the reason why the IoT devices cannot be deemed as secure.

With the analysis, they saw a massive amount of consumer devices, which generates traffic like smart watches, connected cars as well as home assistants. The IoT devices that are curated for the consumers are excruciatingly weak when it comes to security, and they come with a default password which generally doesn’t get changed. And this is the reason why these devices are prone to massive attacks.

By the looks of it, the Internet of Things malware has recently been analyzed to store a list of default passwords embedded into their code. Furthermore, these attacks are also very much trivial. The Internet of Things devices that are manufactured in 2019 also comes with very little security or no security at all. And this makes the Internet of Things devices unsafe.

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