The Finnish tech giant will deploy a cutting edge 5G tech with Internet of Things

by | Mar 2, 2019 | IoT News

Telecom Egypt, as well as Nokia, have reportedly signed up an MoU aka Memorandum of Understanding, they are going to introduce an infrastructure based on the 5G. The collaboration aims to test the connectivity with the help of IoT implementation.

The conditions of the agreement which was signed during the MWC, Mobile World Congress 2019. Both of the companies have come to an agreement where they are going to collaborate on the deployment of 5G and at the same time, they will also evaluate the ways for using the technology in Egypt.

The Chief executive officer and the managing director of Telecom, Adel Hamed reportedly said that Nokia, who has now become the strategic partner of Telecom are extremely happy with the agreement and the collaboration which will pave the way in deploying the 5G in Egypt. The Memorandum of Understanding also marked a story of partnership and unification between the two companies. The collaboration is also going to allow the company to supports and realizing the digitized transcendence strategy.

Nokia’s head in the African market and the Middle East, Amr El Leithy has reportedly said that the MoU is one of the segments of a lengthy partnership among both of the companies. With the implementation of 5G solutions, the Telecom Egypt will proactively address the emergence in data traffic and eventually create a new stream of revenues while they continue to work on improving the experience of the customer

With the help of end-to-end Nokia’s 5G solution, Telecom Egypt and Nokia will work together for deploying 5G technologies in the Middle East. Telecom Egypt in association with Nokia is going to build the first generation of cloud infrastructure that will specifically provide services based on the Internet of Things.

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