The fictional smart home product, Neighbor-ly

by | Apr 23, 2019 | IoT News

By the looks of it, Neighbor-ly is a fictitious smart home appliance which has been specifically designed to feature in the homes located in the urban areas. The smart home appliance has been specifically designed for addressing the problem which is extremely common between the people when it comes to sharing the walls with their neighbours, mostly in the city apartments. The smart object will allow the users to deal with the obnoxious and obscure sounds that travel to the home in the most inconvenient of the times.

People staying in the city apartments want to feel that the homes have the grounds that provide a solace from the modern day chaotic life of the outside environment. The Internet of Things technology is targeted for the people who live with roommates in the metropolitan cities.

What usually happens is that many types of noises often disrupt the moment for relaxation and peace and the worst part is that these noises are mostly unpredictable, they can come from any source and at any point of time. The sounds often develop a sense of resentment towards the neighbours in due course of time.

Theoretically, Neighbor-ly utilises the machine learning tech for easily picking up on the noises that come from the neighbours and in turn classify them and then it reacts based on the classification.

When the device hears a sound, Neighbor-ly starts producing a sentence or a phrase and immediately runs the machine learning algorithm to learn the sources of the sound. And this is exactly what a person does when they hear something out of nowhere. Neighbor-ly reacts to the noise with a tone of a knock against the world. And this is when the source of sound gets to know that the neighbour doesn’t like what they are hearing.

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