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by | Mar 19, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

Enterprise Information Technology is exceptionally familiar with the fundamentals behind the emerging of the Internet of Things. Internet of Things is completely based on the connected devices for the generation and harvesting the data. These data are then monitored for predicting the problems which are needed in replacement and maintenance.

Internet of Things ranges beyond the necessary infrastructure of Information Technology. IoT ranges from manufacture pieces of equipment, field devices, vehicles and at the same time IoT also offers products to the customers. The only reason as to why IoT has been capturing a lot of attention is that the technology can be implemented in any mainstream industry. Generally, IoT can be found on the modern-day smart speakers such as Google Home and Alexa Echo. And on the other hand, they are embedded deep within thermostats, doorbells among others.

From late 2018, IoT is getting implemented in numerous businesses. The businesses based on smart manufacturing is the most prominent example of the Internet of Things’ advanced implementation. By the looks of it, the Intel Internet of Things group has been implementing the IoT systems deep within the semiconductor manufacturing. The chipmaker, Intel feels that the modern day implementation of IoT portrays the extravagantly advanced phase of the technology.

According to Intel, the first couple of phases of IoT were connecting phase, and unconnected phase and the next phase revolved around building a network of smart & connected things. Intel has been utilizing and promoting IoT for a very long time. Nevertheless, the groundbreaking technology has been silently gaining a steep momentum somewhere else. The Global Institute of McKinsey has estimated that the Internet of Things will be able to generate $11.1 billion by the year 2025. In the forthcoming years, IoT will be implemented in cities, factories, as well as in the healthcare industry.

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