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by | Apr 18, 2019 | IoT News

There is a highly likely possibility that it might sound cliche to people, but the truth is software developers are the rulers of the world. But when it comes to getting a little insightful regarding the future of a very crucial technology around the world, then the developers are the to go people. The on-the-ground insight about the Internet of Things community depends on the developers, according to Eclipse Foundation.

Security concern of the Internet of Things devices is the primary concern of the entire industry. The concern related to the security of the IoT devices outpaces other Internet of Things worries around the world. And this is precisely where the thing starts to become enticing. Over 21% of the developers are citing that the real challenge regarding the Internet of Things devices is in the connectivity. And this follows 19% of the analysis and data collection, 18% for performance and another 18% for privacy and lastly the challenge based on standardization is at 16%.

Concern related to connectivity rose to the second place given that in the previous year connectivity was in the third place. On the other hand, the worries that most of the developers have related to data collection, security as well as analysis has seen a gradual decline in due course of time. Then comes the concerns about privacy, performance, as well as standards, these concerns have significantly risen from the previous year.

Eclipse Foundation’s Executive Director, Mike Milinkovich said that when people start pondering on the list of the top concerns of the developers around the world, the concerns related to performance, connectivity, and standard always comes first. Nevertheless, the IoT projects that were used to be mere prototype a year ago are currently getting adopted in the real-life world. Connectivity in the Internet of Things makes the technology pretty much straight forward, and all a person needs is an IoT sensor one of the corners of the room.

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