The dawn of Internet of Things legislation

by | Jul 30, 2019 | IoT News

For over two decades, the Internet of Things was completely nonexistent and overlooked. Now, the Internet of Things and its future seems like changing. It is a good thing that IoT is bringing advancement to the organizations and individuals on a large scale. Moreover, the adoption of the Internet of Things is widespread, and over time, it is gaining maximum traction.

With security vulnerability and constant attacks for almost three years gave rise to the idea to implement legislation on the tech. Legislation of the Internet of Things is indeed going to make the technology limited. In the meantime, bill is also going to improve the basic standards of the Internet of Things device and security. However, it is essential to know the basics of the legislation.

The Internet of Things did enjoy a relaxing rate of IoT restrictions when it came into being. The US Congress did utilize a hands-off approach while regulating the whole of the Internet. Nevertheless, the companies that manufacture the Internet of Things devices did not put much effort into making the device secured.

The tech giants such as Google and Facebook are facing several issues concerning data security as well as congressional hearing. With an increase in cybersecurity risk from significant other countries, the Congress of the US wants to limit the cybersecurity risk. Consumers, on the other, are getting aware of the dangers concerning the Internet of Things. The congress of the United States of America is not going to put this in the sideline.

Several bills came into being over the years. Nevertheless, the significant legislation which oversees the IoT is failing. The DoD contractors did manage to go through a massive success recently in terms of Information Technology. As of now, Congress is considering the bipartisan bill, and they will translate it into different languages over the years.

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