The contribution of IoT to the sports industry

by | May 24, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

Sports is the universal language, and over time, the industry has become more extensive than it was before. The inception of advanced technologies, the sports industry was bound to adopt numerous state-of-the-art innovations to stay alive in the digitized tornado.

When an organization adopts the Internet of Things or IoT, it immediately bridged the gap between the physical world as well as the connected world. The Internet of Things brought an expected period of transition from the physical sphere to its digital counterpart. And in making the transitional period a success, the Internet of Things played a significant role. During the phase of transition Internet of Things has generated massive amounts of data that comes from the Internet of Things devices.

It is very much important to mention that the Internet of Things holds a very crucial place in world’s athletic sector. Internet of Things after gaining traction has revolutionized the entire process involving the development of players by simply remodelling the training and the coaching pattern. IoT also gave rise to the unification of top-notch analytics with the sensors which provide the coaches and the trainers with matrices of data set to carry out the detailed mode of evaluation.

The performance of the players as well the performance of the opponents can be quickly evaluated, manipulated, and at the same time, controlled according to the needs as well as requirements of the managers. Fabricated data, on the other hand, allows the teams for availing distinctive game strategies based on the requirements, that would further affect the game’s final result.

The IoT devices which are embedded in the body of an athlete has the potential of reducing the injury rate. The built-in SoCs and insoles offer therapists as well as doctors a medium to determine the health of a sportsperson in real time.

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