The body heat of human beings can power IoT

by | Apr 29, 2019 | IoT News

What will happen to the future of the Internet of Things devices and sensors if they will be able to power themselves by simply using the body heat that is emitted from humans? A better question is can the IoT devices achieve this prowess?

When it comes to curating an innovative solution to power IoT devices, energy harvesting is often considered to be the best solution. The entire concept of energy harvest is to generate power from the devices which often surrounds the environment such as body heat from a person. Nevertheless, there is something that the brilliant engineers and scientists around the world cannot overlook. The body heat that comes from a single human being, as well as the surrounding of the homo sapiens, curates a small amount of voltage. And this is a pressing challenge.

Matrix Industries based in California is currently tackling the said challenge. Since 2011, Matrix Industry is widely renowned at producing TEGs also known as Thermoelectric generators. Recently, the company has curated a new circuit which is more than capable of harvesting energy at different temperature.

TEGs are necessarily the semiconductor devices which are curated to convert the differences in temperature to electricity or vice versa. Matrix Industry uses the Seebeck effect which is popularly known as Peltier. On the other hand, TEGs aren’t some new concept which the firm has curated out of thin air.

Instead, the company curated TEG along with a circuit topology which facilitates the transference of energy below 10mV. Before this innovation, the energy levels lower than 10mV were said to be too little to be considered useful.

Harald Dillersberger has been credited for this breakthrough. As a doctoral student from Austria, Dillersberger joined the company and helmed the role of Principal Electronic Design Engineer.

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