Since the beginning of digital revolution, the global aviation industry has been on the top of the list of this. In fact, the companies have realised that they can only unleash their full potential by offering outstanding solution based on new and advanced digital technologies. Following this, the industry is now focusing more on data analytics, IoT, automation, blockchain and more. These are the main point of 2019 AeroTime AIR Tech conference, which was organised by AIR Convention Europe.

In the conference, speakers from Pegasus Airlines, TATA Communications, Airbus and more discussed how advance technology and IoTs can influence the future of the world aviation industry.  Now, the industry is adopting cloud-based applications and using Big Data services. For example, Skywise Open Data platform which is developed by Airbus. This platform can be used to enhance the production through industrial process monitoring, supplier monitoring and more.

However, the aviation industry is now planning to develop an effective transformation program which can easily be integrated with operations. One such new concepts which significantly influences the industry is IoT- Internet of Thing. IoT based equipment and devices are now seeing tremendous growth in this industry and set to be a significant factor for offering better customer experience.

When it comes to developing connected digital airline, it will not be possible without mobility services. One such company which offers global mobility and IoT services is TATA communication. It has initiated different services such as Digitizing Passenger operations with KLM and Move Global IoT Solution platform to provide mobility services.

On the other hand, airlines are now using digital technologies and AI to enhance their customer experience.  For example, Air Vistara has invested in RADA, an AI robot. The robot can scan boarding passenger and provide information about departure gates, terminals, flight status, etc. More companies are now employing new technologies an IoTs to faster their digital transformation process.

Neelam Dimri

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