The Americans are satisfied with the Internet of Things tech in homes

by | Mar 30, 2019 | IoT News

As of now, most of the modern day electrically curated smart devices meant for commercial use are controlled with Alexa rather than any other smart assistant.

Traqline, the market intelligence company located in Louisville has come up with results of the bilateral annual survey regarding the smart home appliances. Traqline has so far surveyed around 2.045 consumers around 25 distinctive smart home appliances powered by Internet of Things such as doorbells, coffee makers, dehumidifiers, door openers in garages, light bulbs, security camera, smart plugs, thermostats, smart hubs, window blinds, vacuum cleaners, shades, dehumidifiers, air conditioner among others.

The survey was based on capturing the awareness of people, purchasing the product and the real reason behind buying the products. The study also kept tabs on the frequency and usage of the smart products present in people’s homes.

Most importantly Traqline wants to know as to why people all of a sudden are interested in the products which are made under the guidelines of IoT making them IoT devices. The survey was also made to know who uses these devices more in American households and if the devices controlled by Google or Alexa. The survey answers some of the other question answers such as crucial features of the smart devices as well as which products are the customers opting for when it comes to the Internet of Things in the American household.

According to the survey, the people liked to get their hands on the smart Television set. It is the Smart TV which people buy first for their homes. In six months, after being taken away with the accessibility of the internet via the Internet of Things devices, people being the security cameras to monitor the happenings around their house and thermostats.

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