The 10 Biggest IoT Stocks

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Press Release

Nowadays, almost anything can connect to the internet. From light bulbs and traffic lights to cars, TVs, refrigerators, sensor-pocked oil pipelines and the smart speaker in your home, it’s become difficult to walk 20 feet without bumping into the Internet of Things (IoT).

Size and scale makes investing in the Internet of Things complicated. Too many companies do something to make the IoT what it is, and yet buying every stock with an IoT story isn’t an option for most investors. What to do? The simplest and potentially safest route could be to invest in the biggest IoT stocks — large-cap companies with well-defined IoT business units that will grow as the movement grows.

The differences between the consumer IoT and the industrial IoT

Before we dig into the businesses behind the 10 biggest IoT stocks, it’s worth spending a couple of minutes to provide a bit more detail on the two different layers of the Internet of Things: the consumer IoT and the industrial IoT.

The consumer IoT is composed of devices and infrastructure for augmenting the daily lives of everyday people. Smart home gear, fitness trackers, and embedded infotainment in your car, on a flight, or in a retail store are all examples of the consumer IoT at work.

The industrial IoT is composed of sensors, robots, and other equipment that automate and improve the efficiency of industrial operations. Smart factories, responsive electric grids, and connected vehicle fleets are all examples of the industrial IoT at work.

Most IoT companies serve both consumers and industrial customers in some way. Amazon, for example, has the in-home Alexa smart speaker technology (consumer) and Greengrass software for helping process sensor data without a cloud connection (industrial).

It’s worth paying attention to the distinctions, because the opportunities are different. Consumer IoT is the fastest-growing segment, while industrial IoT is the biggest segment, researcher IDC reports. By 2022, combined spending on consumer and industrial IoT technology and services is expected to cross $1 trillion for the first time — and keep growing in the years to come.


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