Tencent and BMW would curate self-driving cars via IoT

by | Jul 24, 2019 | IoT Companies

Tencent Holdings and BMW, an automobile maker, are on the verge of joining their forces together to curate next-gen self-driving cars. The companies are going to curate the vehicles in their computing center. Moreover, the partners are going to start their operating by the fall of 2019.

According to the sources, the new computing center is all set to provide the cars concerning data-crunching capabilities. Consuming and gathering the data would help the companies to make the semi-autonomous at first. In the long run, the companies would develop cars that would be able to bring forward the era of completely autonomous cars. 

According to the sources, the developing center is built in the eastern region of Tianjin. The city would support the autonomous driving innovation and development in the heart of China, according to Jochen Holler, the head of operations of BMW China. BMW also reveals that the computing center would use big data capabilities as well as the cloud computing technology of Tencent. 

The offering from Tencent would provide the automobile company BMW to curate fully-autonomous cars. BMW, on the other hand, plans to curate and introduce a robust autonomous vehicle in the year 2021. However, the company said that the first generation of autonomous vehicles would focus on L3 classification. 

Moreover, BMW also reveals that autonomous cars would require a massive amount of computation power to analyze the real-time data flow concerning the digital information on the traffic conditions as well as roads. 

A recent study by the researchers of Cambridge states that the inception of autonomous cars would improve the flow of traffic condition by almost 35%. By using a fleet of the robotic controller cars, the feat of making controlling several cars together will be possible. The world of technology is heading towards a different plane. The autonomous vehicles would help in making the traffic better.

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