Telit introduces a latest FirstNet IoT modules

by | Mar 20, 2019 | IoT Companies

Telit is widely renowned for providing the LTE Cat 1 speed for download, a download speed of 10Mbps and upload speed of 5Mbps. The company aims to connect numerous devices such as gateways, mobile routers, navigation solutions as well as trackers.

With the newly created Category 4 LE910CA-NF, Telit will provide broadband speeds comprising 150Mbps for downloading and 50 Mbps for uploading. The company is going to embed the Category 4 broadband speed in gateways, mobile routers for the broadband connection and video streaming.

Telit’s Vice President of application engineering, Ken Bednasz has spoken to about the support of the ecosystem of FirstNet in their recent interview. The VP said that the company is going to support its FirstNet network wholeheartedly. By the looks of it, FirstNet Internet of Things ecosystem is going to serve as the first responders in the entire country. AT&T is going to manage and built the Network Authority’s First Responder.

The IoT Ecosystem is going to provide numerous features such as access to the network priority during the time of congestion. One of the most beneficial features is that FirstNet is going to prevent commercial uses. And then this is going to ensure that the first of the responders are going to have reliable data and voice communications endlessly.

Telit also has registered four of the IoT Ecosystem solutions, and on the other hand, it also includes a couple of new modules embedded in the Internet of Things Ecosystem, FirstNet. The COO of AT&T Bob Sloan who is also supervising the FirstNet Program said that the devices under FirstNet are going witness an extensive range of reviews. And this indicates that the first responders are going to witness never-seen-before top-notch security, reliability as well as performance.

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