Telefonica introduces a unit of IoT business

by | Apr 13, 2019 | IoT Companies

Telefonica has reportedly launched business security based on Internet of Things. The IoT security unit for business is proficient at detecting threats, and at the same time, it will offer testimonial management for the connected devices along with security for DNS.

Telefonica has named it as the Cybersecurity Unit of IoT which grabs the pre-existing network infrastructure of the carrier as well as Kite Platform. Judging by the revelation, Kite Platform is a  cutting-edge Internet of Things connectivity administrative platform. According to the sources, the company is willing to expand the existing catalog based on the IoT services and products. On the other hand, Telefonica is also stepping forward to address the threats which the businesses commonly face while deploying the Internet of Things.

Telefonica has named the new initiative as ElevenPaths. By the looks of it, the company is going to expand the platform by collaborating it with Subex, an analytics telecom provider. The Internet of Things platform of Subex proficiently analyzes the traffic with the help of the groundbreaking machine-learning algorithms. By the looks of it, the IoT platform will be able to generate alert every time a threat is detected.

The partners are also offering a joint service to manage fraudulent activities. With the help of the new initiative, the companies are going to analyze the network traffic which the Internet of Things devices generates, in the long run, this will improve the threat detection.

According to the industry experts, this is a smart move for the company as the network is proficient when it comes to security capabilities as well as network visibility. Since 2018, the manufacturers are trying very hard to secure the Internet of Things devices. Nevertheless, the IoT devices still come with a minimalistic security system, making them easier targets for hackers.

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