Teilia and ONE Nordic AB will connect almost one million electric meters

by | Apr 29, 2019 | IoT News

A ten-year deal between two companies seems like a long term partnership. Telia Swiss’s largest mobile network and telephone company and ONE Nordic AB which supplies maintenance services, technical consultation, and contract services have reportedly signed a deal to deliver 900,000 units of electricity for Ellevio. By the looks of it, Ellevio focuses on distributing electricity around Sweden. As of now, Ellevio dominates the industry by spreading its services to 35 municipalities across Sweden.

The contract which is going to last for a decade will utilize the recently launched Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network or Narrowband Internet of Things network by Telia. The technology NB-IoT is an LPWA Low Power Wide Area technology which has come into existence for delivering small measures of Internet of Things data on a considerable scale.

One of the reasons as to why most of the companies are investing to curate NB-IoT is that the tech improves the power consumptions of the devices along with spectrum efficiency and system capacity.

Ellevio’s Program Manager Johan Svensson said that the technology would provide the company with a deeper and broader coverage that is perfect for deep indoor and rural locations. And this has allowed Ellevio to enhance machine-to-machine communication which perfectly fits the smart grid development. NB-IoT will also enable the Swedish company to curate and produce a wide array of Internet of Things devices as well as services for their customers.

According to the sources, Telia was the first company among all the Nordic countries to launch NB-IoT. It was GSMA which defined the NB-IoT. In due course of time, NB-IoT is built on the stability and security that LTE or 4G network connectivity offers.

Telia Company’s Björn Hansen, the Head of Internet of Things said that NB-IoT has the power to open up new use cases for the companies. It provides cutting edge coverage solution for a wide array of places.

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