Tech giants Silicon Labs, Nokia, VMware to try their hands on IoT

by | May 8, 2019 | IoT Companies

Silicon Labs – It is not just the chips that impart the advancements to any device but the advanced systems attached with the chips can certainly do that. Keeping this in mind, Silicon Labs straight away announced that they are designing specific chips so as to make them work under IoT implementation. These chips specialize in -These CHIPS are all designed to support the latest technology of Bluetooth mesh networking, Thread, Zigbee, etc.

They are specifically manufactured for IoT devices using the ARM Cortex M33 processors which enhances both the efficiency as well as the capacity of the system.


Nokia, one of the biggest gadgets and related equipment manufacturer is all set to try hands-on IoT.

Being a name in the field of gadgets the IoT implementation by Nokia is a big step towards IoT development.

Many MNC floors and buildings equipped with the Nokia gadgets and equipment have the capability to connect better with the latest versions of IoT and thus make their work more efficient.

For companies who need high video conferencing experience or lesser delay in connectivity with the far off clients, these Nokia based, IoT efficient gadgets are the best.


With the advent of an official announcement from the people at the VMware about IoT and infrastructure management platform which is better known to the world as the version 2.0 of The pulse IoT center. This indeed is a step forward by the VMware firm to try out their hands on IoT and take their company a step forward in the field of internet advancement. Attractive features offered by the VMware people –

A simplified version of device onboarding

The fully controllable and centrally managed analysis system

Quick, easy and practical software updates

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