TeamViewer launches a new IoT kit

by | Apr 3, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

TeamViewer is an acclaimed remote connectivity solution company that support cross-platform operating systems. With the company’s TeamViewer app it gets easier to connect to multiple workstations. On Tuesday, the company has made a breakthrough by launching the Internet of Things starter kit for significant businesses. It is easier to set up the IoT starter kit, and TeamViewer claims that it is easier to implement the use cases based on the Internet of Things.

According to the desktop sharing company, any business can quickly get used to using the Internet of Things technology with the help of the IoT kit. The company stresses on the fact that anyone can storm into their factories to build whatever it is that they want to develop. People can also curate smart devices and then place the smart gateway anywhere in the factory.

The IoT sensors immediately start collecting the data related to the pre-defined parameter such as lighting or temperature condition, vibration, according to the Executive Vice-President of the company, Alfredo Patron. Mr. Patron of Team Viewer also looks after the business development of the company.

By bringing this kit to life, the company has combined its forces with Dell, the American computer company and Bosch, the acclaimed electronics firm. The Internet of Things starter kit is comprised of the Dell Edge 3001 Gateway that comes with industry-standard networking and connectivity which is backed up by three of Bosch’s XDK 110 multi-sensors. The sensors act like a gyroscope, accelerometer as well as magnetometer.

The IoT starter kit also contains sensors to keep track of the pressure in the atmosphere, humidity, light intensity and acoustic. On the other hand, the kit has a six-month license for TeamViewer along with the remote monitoring the IoT. The organization can utilize the TeamViewer IoT Cloud to control the tracking.

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