TeamViewer is currently investing in the connectivity of the Internet of Things & application

by | Apr 20, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

TeamViewer, the remote management solutions giant which provides cutting edge cross-platform remote management software and applications around the world, has entered the Indian market back in 2018 October. According to the sources, TeamViewer is going to invest in solutions based on the Internet of Things. These Internet of Things solutions are targeted at the medium and small enterprises in India.

The Head of the Business in South Asia and India, Krunal Patel said that the Internet of Things acts as an important realm of solution for the company. Even before the Internet of Things became popular around the world, people have been using the cross-platform TeamViewer application of numerous use cases. In addition to this, the use cases fall directly under the Internet of Things. By the looks of it, the use cases include device control as well as remote management.

Krunal Patel also said that the cross-platform Teamviewer application had been download over 100 million times in the last three to five years. And the company already has a massive viral effect of the downloads. Maybe, this was the only reason as to why the company felt that the Indian market is right for them in the long run.

By the looks of it, the company is on the verge of using both indirect and direct approach with the help of go-to-market strategies for building their business around the country. Judging by the revelation, the direct approach is set to target government and enterprise. At the same time, the company will take an indirect approach to Small & medium-sized enterprises. The company is also bringing global products to India. On top of that, TeamViewer also launched an Internet of Things starter kit for the businesses which can be set up immediately.

By the looks of it, the company has around three distinctive offices in the country. At the same time, TeamViewer has begun to take customer service calls based on Indian time.

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