Tata Communications will offer bundled Internet of Things solutions

by | Jun 7, 2019 | IoT Companies

Tata Communications has recently announced that it will launch the first of its Internet of Things Marketplace across the country for strengthening and accelerating the Internet of Things ecosystem of the country. The Internet of Things marketplace is aimed to bring the practitioners of the Internet of Things and enterprise customers on one platform.

By the looks of it, the platform will put a foundation for the customers to tailor the Internet of Things solutions and drive innovation right within their business. Moreover, it would also enable the partners and the vendors on the common platform for discovering new opportunities in the market.

According to Frost & Sullivan, the enterprise Internet of Things market will see a staggering growth at 35% all through 2023. Nevertheless, in India, there is a massive lack in interoperability, standardization as well as connectivity in the Internet of Things market. There is a wide array of technologies, players, as well as platforms to compete in mindshare and market share. On the other hand, there is also a need to diminish the gap by offering a unique solution. Moreover, this would also help in scale adoption of Internet of Things in the country.

The Internet of Things Marketplace of Tata Communications is going to address the needs by simply bringing distinctive partners from different spheres such as software developers, device manufacturers, system integrators, and start-ups. These partners are going to manage and deploy Internet of Things solution in a unique custom-made platform for different requirements.

Tata Communications’ Business Unit IoT Head, Alok Bardiya said that it is essential to bring the best Internet of Things players onto B2B marketplace. And this would result in breaking new grounds to unlock the real power of the Internet of Things. Tata Communications believe that the initiative will provide the link that the country has been missing for a long time.

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