Tata Communications says that IoT business will vault growth to 10x

by | Apr 20, 2019 | IoT Companies

By the looks of it, Tata Communications are on the verge of creating the most extensive Internet of Things network in the southern Asian country, India. The initial pay off or investments have already begun in the country. In addition to this, the company is heading towards the massive commercial deployments of the technology.

There is a staggering growth of the Internet of Things technology around the world. Given that many data suggests that the groundbreaking Internet of Things devices have to be much secure and at the same time, the manufacturers have to embed the Internet of Things devices with unique passwords which will provide an extra layer of protection to the device.

Given that there are substantial security concerns, yet the companies around the world are trying to build the cutting edge highly secure Internet of Things devices. And due to this, Tata is expecting that the Internet of Things business will grow tenfold in the following year.

The head and Senior Vice President of the Internet of Things R&D at Tata Communications, VS Shridhar, said that the present day market is in the phase where the clients already have a vivid idea of everything that is getting deployed in the market. And this has made the clients to accept the newly curated things that are coming into play. By the looks of it, the clients are starting to see the benefits that IoT has in store for them. And this is where Tata Communications comes in, Shridhar said that the company is currently looking forward to 10x growth along with exponential growth in revenue of the company by investing in IoT.

Shridhar also stressed on the fact that the CEOs of their client companies are ready to drive the Internet of Things implementations as they are even asking for a quick curation.

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