Tata Communications Is To Densify The Existing IOT Networks In 2020

by | Nov 8, 2019 | IoT News

08-11-2019:  Tata Communication, the leading provider of digital infrastructure of India is going to densify their existing network instead of expanding their network to other cities. They have already deployed their LoRaWAN network in more than 50 cities of India.

The team is working on focusing the particular areas where the demand is high. The executive has opened up about scaling up their existing network, he also added it will include no other challenge other than the monetary section, the overall cost will be huge, but the team can do that in about a week’s time.

By the end of 2019, the company was about to expand its services to around 70-80 cities, but they have changed the plan by the end of the year, now the focus will be only on expanding the service in the existing areas. For that the company has already committed more than $100 million in the IoT space.

The Executive discussed about the challenges and areas of improvement in IoT adoption in the country which is comparatively less than already developed countries. As of now the company will only focus on three predominant sectors that are – productivity along with employee safety, smart cities and asses tracking.

He also pointed out that India is facing developmental issues regarding the cost of solution, security and network deployment. Some parts of the country is progressing rapidly whereas some part don’t have the basic technological infrastructure, though the company is trying hard to bridge the technological difference from their end.

Earlier in May 2019 they have announced to launch of their Internet Of Things (IoT) Marketplace, which is a first of its own kind in India with a primary goal to reinforce and fortify the growing IoT ecosystem. The IoT Marketplace of Tata Communication envisage to bring together the practitioners and the customers on an uni-platform so that they can discover new opportunities together. They want to offer a complete solution set to improve the pan India infrastructure.

The Nasscom-Deloitte report shows by 2020 the Indian IoT market will touch $15 billion along with 2.7 billion units, while currently it is around $5.6 billion with around 200 million connected units. Industrial IoT is also growing rapidly, the manufacturing, automotive and transportation sectors are expected to increase the IoT revenue of the country by 2020.


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