Tata Communications: IoT will bridge the gaps between technology

by | May 30, 2019 | IoT Companies

Tata Communications thinks that the Internet of Things technology has the potential to address the issues related to hampering the development of the ecosystem of the Internet of Things across India. On Wednesday, Tata Communication begins curating development in its marketplace.

According to Tata Comm. in Indian, there is a lack of interoperability, standardisation as well as connectivity, which comes with the modern-day Internet of Things technology. These factors play a significant role alongside security concerns, which slows the rate of IoT in the market.

Tata Communications’ head of the IoT business, Alok Bardiya said that the proposition of the company in the Internet of Things sphere would allow the company to have an insightful view of the sector. Additionally, it will also address the present-day challenges that the Internet of Things faces concerning its adoption.

The Internet of Things marketplace is going to connect 70% of the utility equipment, office peripherals, automobiles alongside internet for enabling control and operation via commands and sensors which the users usually setup remotely from anywhere across the globe.

Tata Comm. has brought the Internet of Things marketplace to bring the Internet of Things practitioners as well as enterprise customers on the platform. Furthermore, Tata Communications will help with customers to curate custom-made Internet of Things solutions according to the requirements of the customers.

One of the significant problems that come from the adoption of the Internet of Things is the persisting no universal standard of the devices. Moreover, there is numerous Internet of Things standard have been difficult, and this makes it difficult for a single standard for gaining worldwide acceptance. Tata Communications’ Internet of Things Platform will be incorporated deep within the devices, which have multiple access.

Frost & Sullivan, the market research firm, predicts that Indian Internet of Things enterprise will see the massive growth of 35% all through 2023.

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