T-Mobile is all set to offer its first asset tracking solution, the Roambee BeeAware. The asset tracker, when affixed to the individual items, can be ideal for tracking the temperature as well as the positions of the items even during transit.

With the use of the NarrowBand IoT Network, T-Mobile provides the businesses an opportunity to deploy a large number of asset trackers. The Roambee BeeAware enhances the security of the businesses through the utilization of technologies that operate on LoRAWAN, RFID, and BLE. The trackers allow savings on both costs as well as power consumption. The smaller data paylods and the power saving mode helps the asset trackers function for longer durations of time.

The NB-IoT of T-Mobile offers security and value to the businesses through the creation of asset tracking devices. Companies with the requirement of asset tracking are going to benefit optimally with the use of the device. Integrating the Un-Carrier approach, sales team force, and the nationwide network reach, T-Mobile can deliver the best solutions.

T-Mobile has always laid a prime focus on finding ways to help businesses prosper through the use of IoT. The asset tracker supported on its NB-IoT assists the businesses whose products travel a long distance.  T-Mobile partners with such businesses to help them locate and monitor the whereabouts of their products. The asset tracker can give the business idea about the location and temperature, at any given point of time during the transit.

The device may not be attractive for many. But the asset trackers can highly be beneficial for the businesses having to deal with high-value products that are up for frequent transits. The Roambee BeeAware marks a new beginning for the T-Mobile for business. With the asset tracker, the businesses do not have to worry about their high-value items that keep moving frequently.

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