Swinging of the Internet of Things

by | Mar 28, 2019 | IoT News

By the looks of it, there will be more than 12.86 billion Internet of Things devices as well as sensors by the time the world reaches 2020. The present-day Internet of Things market is an ever growing one, and it is filled with applications that range tracking the production as well as flight plan optimization in the control of robot as well as oil fields. IoT has also made its way to the acclaimed vertical farming.

Michele Windsor, the worldwide marketing manager of Accutronics, is looking forward to 2019. Accutronics is predicting that the recent trends that came in the field of Internet of Things are going to affect the design engineers of the conventional electrical industry.

For a very long time now, the IoT market for the industrial level isn’t slowing down anytime soon. This also means that people are going to see that there will be a massive amount of data as well as traffic in the year 2019. In the last six months, the whispers related to the 5G network connectivity is getting louder as industry giant is trying to implement the 5G network into their respective industries, most importantly in the applications based on factory control. And this also means that the enhanced level of security is going to play a critical role with the increase in a number of devices as well as users.

One of the most distinguished professors of IT, Martti Mantyla presented a lecture at the Aalto University. During the lecture, Mantyla asked is 5G efficient enough for providing an operational architecture and management for more than 20 billion present day smart devices? Some people deemed the question to be relevant as it allows for the ongoing network development with mesh as well as edge technologies.

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