State Department uses much more resilient IoT

by | Sep 11, 2019 | IoT News

The entirety of the Internet of Things incorporates several challenges along with the opportunities. It gives the agency a wealth of data in real-time, along with a broad area dedicated to the ongoing cyber attacks.

Landon Van Dyke, the senior adviser of the state department of sustainability and environment, see the Internet of Things as an unprecedented opportunity. By the looks of it, Van Dyke is also the head of the analytics; he wants to provide the embassies of the US in 190 distinctive countries with the snapshot considering the air quality. It is one of the several data points with the Internet of Things devices can provide in securing diplomatic facilities.

The former chief and sustainability officer of the State Department, Van Dyke said that the agency also has partnerships with different governments in aiding them by setting up a distinctive network of the Internet of Things sensors for the generators. So, far, it would also build robust management systems & much more.

On the 5th of September, Van Dyke said that it had been quite an exciting journey for them so far. Not utilizing the technology and trying it to secure them for their benefit can yield better results. The devices can also be shared all over the world as an integral element of the diplomatic mission. Van Dyke told this a the WWTID which was held in Washington.

The assistant secretary of the energy department, Karen Evans said that the Internet of Things devices could provide the companies of the private sector with essential data in quite a little real-time. Nevertheless, the same sensors, as well as smart meters, could quickly become a vulnerability for the national infrastructure of the country without providing perfect safeguards.

Soon they will start to incorporate solar panels and wind turbines with the Internet of Things. Even a Nest system in the house can be beneficial.

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