Sprint’s Curiosity Tool Estimation simplifies data pricing IoT

by | Mar 21, 2019 | IoT News

Irrespective of the whatever segments of the Internet of Things service are usually required, with the help of Sprint Curiosity Internet of Things Estimation, the users can choose one among the several features. The features will help to create tailor-made custom pricing information.

The flexibility of Curiosity Tool Estimation allows distinctive international industries in six unique locations around the world to come together. Furthermore, these global organizations will help organizations from different corners of Earth to curate the Internet of Things solutions.

The senior vice president of product devel and Internet of Things for Sprint, Ivo Rook said that the perplexed pricing is one of the major setbacks in the entire IoT industry. And to tackle this issue, Sprint developed and built the estimation tool. Regardless of which IoT planning stage is a person in, with the help of this tool, an individual can swiftly and efficiently get detailed customized pricing from gigabyte from the frontrunning IoT data services.

Sprint wants to give its customers a glimpse of what they exactly need to need when it comes to the budget for the Internet of Things services. The tool is going to eliminate the idea of guesswork as well as it will highlight the sheer confidence that they have in their Internet of Things data pricing. Sprint is the first company to come up with a tool which shows the fully-customized pricing, and on the other hand, the company is also confident that they are going to be immensely helpful to many organizations in the world.

Once a customer completes the estimation, the estimated calculation is sent to one of the distinctive IoT sales team members of Sprint’s IoT team who will efficiently turn the estimation into a quote. And later the quote is going to streamline the process to implement the data solution for the Internet of Things.

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