Sprint’s Curiosity IoT platform collaborates with AWS for competitive edge in intelligence

by | Mar 13, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

The collaboration of Sprint with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the latest IoT news that cannot escape the attention of digital aficionados. Sprint has taken this initiative for improving the capabilities of its IoT platform, Curiosity. The distributed and virtualized IoT core network of Sprint would be integrated with the storage and IoT services of AWS in order to provide the benefits of processing, storage of IoT data and optimized traffic routing to enterprise customers. Enterprises could be able to distribute IoT applications, obtain insights, and locally process IoT data as well as forwarding data to the cloud for analytics with the combined functionalities of native LTE core of Curiosity IoT and AWS Cloud.

Latest IoT updates also provide notable insights into the improvements in the Curiosity IoT platform as well as the new access privileges for customers. All customers could be able to access AWS IoT Analytics, AWS IoT Things Graph as well as Amazon Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3). AWS IoT Analytics is poised to relieve the burden of complexity and cost associated with development of an IoT analytics platform alongside providing flexible approaches for running analytics on IoT data. The Amazon S3 services would allow users for storage, management and safeguarding of considerable volumes of IoT data along with precisely tailored access controls for addressing particular business, compliance and organizational requirements. The AWS IoT Things Graph would allow users to have an interactive experience in management of different IoT devices and coordinating web services.

According to the SVP of IoT and Product Development for Sprint, Ivo Rook, the collaboration between Sprint and AWS is definitely a new IoT trends that would promote the accessibility of AWS services and programming environment for developers of Curiosity. He further added that the services and connectivity of Curiosity IoT can be accessed directly on the AWS marketplace.

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