Spireon is the winner of Vehicle Telematics Company Award

by | Apr 12, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

The smart vehicle company, Spireon has reportedly announced that it has become the Internet of Things Vehicle Telematics Company of the Year in 2019. Spireon has won the award in the Compass Intelligence Awards 2019. A panel of judges of the award shows was comprised of 40 of the leading journalist, analysts as well as editors of the Internet of Things industry. Spireon has contributed to a persistent innovation in the aftermarket services of telematics.

The Chief Executive Officer of Spireon Kevin Weiss said that the company aims at making their customers successful. And they are introduced some of the groundbreaking apps such as Kahu My Dealer, GoldStar Connect with comes along cutting edge hardware. The technological advancements of the tech based on the Internet of Things have made the industry one of its kind.

According to the Weiss, the company and the people working in the company are deeply honored to be awarded for the third time since last four years and in the same award category, “Compass Intelligence Awards.” The company has so far created an unparalleled solution which allows the businesses to run in a smart way and people will drive in a safe way

GoldStar Connect is a brand new consumer application for the Buy Here Pay Here dealers as well as auto lenders that will help to increase the rate of profitability by offering the connected car features on any vehicle irrespective of its make and model. On the other hand, Kahu delivers unmatched insights to the test drive, inventory aging, inventory mix, and efficiency in sales. Spireon’s FleetLocate is the first generation of the modular trailer tracking solution which is specifically designed by keeping the mixed fleet in mind.

The IntelliScan Tech from Spireon give a 99% accuracy by visualizing the status of cargo by combining AI, imaging and laser flight time.

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