Soracom provides robust remote access for connected devices

by | Jul 31, 2019 | IoT News

The worldwide provider of cutting-edge smart connectivity, Soracom, Inc has reportedly announced that it is going to make the Napter SORACO service for the Internet of Things devices with remote access.

According to the sources, SORACOM Napter is not like most of the existing solution. Moreover, Napter from SORACOM would allow in securing remote devices. On the other hand, Napter doesn’t allow the requirement for the supplemental configuration, installation of agent, and server environment preparation.

The developers around the world can easily initiate conventional remote sessions that incorporate the Soracom user console, CLI, or API. Napter would also help at communicating with the devices by utilizing the remote access by directly delivering a fixed IP address. By the looks of it, the approach would expose the IoT devices as well as the networks subject to remote attacks.

What makes Napter stand apart from the crowd is that it solves multiple problems. The problems get resolved by providing access to security devices when it is required, without having to create a stable IP address. Napter is also proficient in establishing a complete environment of the server.

According to the CTO of Soracom, Kenta Yasukawa the security of the Internet of Things devices would always come first. Kenta Yasukawa is also the co-founder of Soracom. They put the security of the Internet of Things devices first and foremost. They need to keep their focus to keep the Internet of Things traffic away from the internet connection that the public utilizes, generally.

Soracom also provides robust private subnets, peering and state-of-the-art hardwire connection, when needed. One of the best things about the company Soracom is that the company offers most of the same benefits to the organizations with smaller deployments; moreover, the organizations which are in the early development stage. Soracom came into being in the year 2015, and it serves over 15,000 customers worldwide across distinctive industries.

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