Sony develops its first IOT chip having more than 60-mile range data transfer limit

by | Jun 4, 2019 | IoT News

There is no doubt that IoT devices have received immense popularity all over the world. However, there is a major drawback, and when it comes to controlling them outdoors, they face issues. Issues such as motion and power have kept different major IoT devices production companies back. But now the time has changed. To eliminate such issues, Sony has introduced its first chip named CXM1501GR, which supports Eltres LPWA network.

Both the LTE and Wi-Fi network plays a major role in IoT, but they have some limitations. When Wi-Fi has a short range, on the other hand, LTE is quite expensive. Besides, to use LTE, you will need a SIM.  Both consume a higher amount of power. If you want to stay connected to the internet, you will need affordable as well as long-range networks which can easily handle high interface. This is what Sony’s Enter Eltres all about.

The chip uses small antennas, and microchips relay a signal sensor data to a base station. It can cover around more than 100 Kilometers. Talking more about it, the chip has a 20-mW antenna which can easily transmit 128-bit sigma while moving at a spend of 60 MPH. Besides, the data transfer rate can be around 7kbps. Furthermore, the chip has the ability to switch between 23 channels automatically. It can easily change from 923.6 MHz to 928 MHz. However, if there is any more bandwidth available, it can use that bandwidth using the chip modulation feature.

With such chip, the company is expected that it will soon create a new era of IoT devices. For example, a ski resort may give out Eltres trackers, and your friends can find the way to the resort easily. In urban areas, the chip can track down rental cars, deliveries, bicycle and more.

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