Sony curated an Internet of Things chip that comes with a 60-mile range

by | May 30, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

The Japanese tech giant has reportedly launched a chip which has the property of changing of how the cars, e-bikes, street lamps & other kinds of connected devices work concerning the information. When the users install the chip on sort of Internet of Things object, the chip sends data to ELTRES network, Sony’s LPWA wireless communication network.

According to the sources, ELTRES network will go through a worldwide launch in the fall of 2019. Sony said that the IoT chip would be able to transmit data to about 60 miles. Additionally, it can also function properly in urban & also in noisy environments. Sony has curated the Internet of Things chip is such a way that it opens new applications in monitoring, security, tracking, among others.

Most of the Internet of Things systems around the world use the internet as a medium for transferring data to the cloud vie limited range Wi-Fi or a costly cellular data connection. The ELTRES LPWA network from Sony is capable of harnessing the low-power wireless technology for transferring low-bit data right across an extensive area. The system consumes very low power, which makes it feasible for connecting to a wide array of devices.

The Internet of Things chip or CXM1501GR transmits the signals in the 920MHz band to the ELTRES network of Sony. By the looks of it, the chip is equipped with GNSS/GPS sensors for obtaining position data or time. Sony also said that the chip could work in a broader range of Internet of Things devices to curate numerous services to bring forward the most stable wireless communication for the devices with long distances.

Sony wrote in a document that the IoT chip could be used in helping friends to locate each other while they ski at the ski hill. People can also use this chip to locate ships, wildlife, yacht in races, monitor rental bikes, among others.

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