Softbank To Offer IoT Connectivity And Internet Using Drone

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Softbank is a giant in the Japanese telecom industry. Softbank is joining hands with the AeroVironment, a US drone builder with the motive of providing IoT connectivity and internet with the use of a drone by the year 2023. HAWK30 is the first drone that is empowered with solar energy.

The HAWK30 is capable of flying 12 miles above the sea level with the help of the 10 electric motors that function with the use of the stored power. The height is twice high in comparison to the commercial aircraft. The high altitude helps provide a steady current to enable the operations of the drone. The high altitude also offers better widespread coverage for the LTE as well as 5G.

High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS), a base station of HAWK30 has the capability of providing service over 125 miles. The utilization of 40HAPS will have the potential to provide better coverage across the islands of Japan.

The assets that are radio-based or have traditional wiring are prone to damage during natural disasters. The main motive of the Softbank’s project is to deliver an effective solution for connectivity that will remain unaffected by natural disasters.

According to Softbank, HAWK30 and the terrestrial base stations will be able to deliver smooth handovers between the different networks. This will ensure avoiding the connection disruptions during the movement of persons with smartphones from the area covered by the base station to an area covered by the HAWK30.

Apart from internet connectivity, ways to support IoT devices are being researched. HAPSMobile, a subsidiary of Softbank is all set to offer support to the telecom standards for IoT to fit the different IoT solutions.

The project of Softbank and AeroVironment will enable the delivery of reliable connections during emergencies in the future.

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