SmartServer IoT to build automation and IIoT applications

by | Apr 24, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

The application-specific embedded systems for the new era of Internet of Things and semiconductors provider, Adesto Tech Corporation has reportedly announced the general availability of the edge server. With the help of the edge server it will be easier to build Industrial Internet of Things applications as well as automation applications.

The edge server is called SmartServer IoT. It is an end-to-end industrial-grade Internet of Things edge server. The server is comprised of a user interface, the device management services, interfaces that can be easily programmed and integrators of application enable a system in deploying OEMs as well as solutions for creating custom applications.

The SmartServer Internet of Things by Adesto will help the customers in meeting up with the challenge that comes with creating the authentic smart building by simply integrating the non-interoperable communications protocols into their existing systems. Over the years the system has evolved for supporting the diversified functionality of every single structure such as HVAC, lighting, fire detection, security among others. On the other hand, it senses, analyses with the help of predictive Artificial Intelligent services.

By the looks of it, the SmartServer Internet of Things supports numerous applications as well as protocols which also enables converging the diversified systems and bring them into a single edge networking & computation platform. On top of that, it also features built-in support to build automation services as well as protocol. It opens the northbound interfaces for any of the remote clients, web application or workstation.

By integrating with the SmartServer Internet of Things, the businesses will be able to embrace the pre-existing systems for management along with functional control and eventually enhance them with by securely connecting them to the technologies based on the Internet of Things.

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