Smart Grids are the emerging IoT applications around the world

by | Aug 7, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

Out of all the rising application in the Internet of Things industry, people are excited about the smart grid technology. By the looks of it, the Smart Grids comes with a massive amount of potential which could increase the energy efficiency and decrease the overall cost. The report originates from the survey and experts behind PCMag.

The survey revolves around 2,000 of the consumers of the United States of America. Moreover, the study was conducted on the 10th of May. According to the survey, around 24 per cent of respondents have selected the smart grids to be the most exciting and emerging Internet of Things applications.

The wearables, such as health monitoring smartwatches, come in second as far as the popularity is concerned. On the other hand, connected cars or driverless cars is in the third position. In addition to this, the home appliances based on the Internet of Things comprise popularity of around 13 per cent. The rest seven per cent of the total respondents also noted that the IoT devices are making them excited.

However, there were a few differences in people’s opinion concerning the emergence of several Internet of Things applications among different age groups. From 18-24 years old age group and the 25-34-year-old age group said that the smart grids are said to have the topmost priority. On the other hand, from 35 to 44 years group said that they like the next-generation wearable technologies that monitor health.

It is easy to note that the Internet of Things devices is getting much more accessible. The survey also said that most consumers of the US are too not trusting the technology altogether. Only 28 percent of respondents across the US feel that the Internet of Things is safe, whereas 66 per cent said that IoT is not secure for everyday use. Additionally, 6% of the respondents are yet to decide whether IoT is reliable or not.

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