Small scale IoT investment leads to great profit

by | Mar 26, 2019 | IoT News

It is true that for the last one year people are talking and discussing the automated businesses and homes. Nevertheless, the concept of smart device implementation in everyday life is not a new concept.

Since a very long time, people are trying to curate connected thermostats, smart LEDs as well as refrigerators, and with the help of IoT turning the conventional devices into smart devices has been possible. In the 2019 edition of Consumer Electronics Shows, the attendees were shunned by the showcasing of the new segments of the smart appliances, how can people forget the smart dispenser for dogs that can help the dogs with food and water when no one is home. Then there was a Google Assistant powered kitchen touchscreen, and the concept of smart toilets came into existence as well.

It doesn’t matter how innovatively the manufactures have curated these smart appliances, these products do not benefit a person, and they do not make lump sum profit the way IoT for businesses make. The whole scenario in business irrespective of the sector has changed as the groundbreaking Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things have brought forward. Most importantly, it is the Internet of Things that have pushed the boundaries in businesses.

The connected devices that came into the being with the help of the Internet of Things isn’t a concept anymore. The connected Internet of Things devices are living and breathing, and they are combined with different sensors, devices as well as various other products which are working together in solving the problems related to businesses. There is an estimation that 20 billion IoT devices are going to come to life by the end of 2020.

Over time the awareness related to the smart devices as well as the network is growing. And in the US around 81% of the people using the internet are well aware of the fundamental principles of IoT.

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