Simon AI comes with BLE and a solution of Trunkey IoT

by | Mar 21, 2019 | IoT Companies

Numerous European companies are going to pilot a newly introduced plug and play solution by The solution is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, with the help of BLE the company is going to provide Internet of Things based management of goods at meager cost. The solution is deemed as Simon AI. With the help of Simon AI, the company is going to provide automated visibility directly into the mobility of people as well as assets located in a warehouse.

Along with keeping tabs on the assets and the goods in a warehouse, Simon AI is also going to be facilitated in health-care facilities, manufacturing sites. The solution is going to be implemented on the midsized companies as well as small scale companies which have never used this technology. The small scare and midsized companies can easily upgrade from an existing system to a solution based on a subscription which starts at $1,000 every month.

According to the reports, the system has undergone the beta testing phase. The beta testing phase is going to range for five months given the pilots have been implemented at many industrial sites as well as health-care facilities. The pilots are currently taking place in Germany as well as the Netherlands. According to the company, the forthcoming pilots are going to make their way to the US as well as Western Europe.

The solution has been specifically designed for breaking the wall of some of the widespread problems that come with an implementation of the Internet of Things technologies. There is one more challenge which is a significant challenge, and the issues revolve around the installation of sensors, software as well as access points for managing the data that has been collected.

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