Sigfox is maximising the 15 trillion dollar potential with the Internet of Things

by | Feb 25, 2019 | IoT Companies

The most challenging thing which an organization faces in day to day activities is that there is no transparency of the entire supply chain. This happens because there is a poor level of interaction with people, technology and processes. What typically happens to a single shipment is that it goes through more than 200 interactions and a minimum of 25 distinctive people.

There is where IoT comes in, and the industry needs to find a way to implement data-driven advances towards the supply chain for capitalizing the full potential of the market.

The modern-day supply chain is not only losing its suitability, but it is also losing credibility. The supply chain is not a straightforward process anymore; rather it has become a network which is driven by demand. The data-driven network fuels the system with insights as well as data from the objects which usually acts as a connecting link between quality assurance as well as driving competition.

The Internet of Things houses extraordinary abilities that will help an organization to hold on to a wide array of valuable data. It also helps the businesses to understand people’s behaviors along with environment and assets.

IoT can easily revolutionize the market based on the world of mobility, and organizations can take many crucial decisions with a more substantial amount of data. Over time, the entire supply network will transform entirely. Laurent Soubielle, the technical leader of Sigfox, said that the IoT industry would soon become a $15 trillion industry in the near future only if the industry will equip itself with real-time analysis of their operations as well as holistic views.

Sigfox is the world leader in the Internet of Things. The company has so far built a worldwide network which connects billions of devices on the Internet. It also consumes a minimal amount of energy in the long run.

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