Siemens partners with Litmus Automation for the Internet of things edge computing

by | Mar 12, 2019 | IoT Companies

Litmus Automation, the provider of industrial grade Internet of Things, has reportedly announced that it has combined its forces with the Siemens MindSphere Partner Program. Now coming to the program, it is designed explicitly for the IoT solution in the industries along with some technology providers. Litmus Automation has opened a new application center one of the Asian countries, India.

The LoopEdge platform of Litmus collects the data from the devices of distinctive industries and later makes it available on Siemen’s cloud-based Internet of Things operating system, MindSpehere. With the LoopEdge platform, any industrial system or PLC can easily connect with the processing, filtering and analyzing the data. There is a little leverage, and that is the data must be confined to Edge. There are tons of application in the marketplace that ensures secure connectivity to the cloud as well as enterprise integration.

LoopEdge comes with the ability to integrate data with MindSphere in real-time. The users of LoopEdge are also benefited as they get the solution where they can carry out manipulation of data with the help of built-in analytics. The users are also going to get real-time visualization to manage the devices, machines, hardware, and sensors which are inter-connected.

The senior VP of Siemens, Paul Kaeley said that the company is committed to creating the partnerships which are going to help the customers to transform digitally with the Industrial Internet of Things. Siemens is working alongside Litmus to bring forward a robust edge computing to the ecosystem of MindSphere. This will also improve the ability of the customers in gathering valuable data and later the customers can use the data to improve the process of manufacturing.

MindSphere on the other hand also connects with system, products, machines, and plants to help the business in harnessing the raw data which is generated with the help of advanced analytics via the Internet of Things.

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