Siemens is shaping the Industry 4.0 with MindSphere

by | Mar 7, 2019 | IoT Companies

The modern-day lives of each human being are much connected than it was previously. Gartner also came up with a report that the consumers all around the world own an average of four Internet of Things devices that continually communicates with cloud all around the globe. It is now estimated that a minimum of 127 devices is connected to the internet each second. The reason why IoT has reportedly become a popular platform is that the products aren’t merely confined to the consumers.

The sectors such as energy, aviation and in the manufacturing industry the connected Internet of Things devices have become mainstream. Siemens came up with a new solution with a new and intuitive solution. The company even acknowledges the fact that a small fraction of the industrial data is intelligently both analyzed and utilized. This is the reason why Siemens created a technology called MindSphere.

Mindsphere is a cloud-based Internet of Things Operating System which acts as the knife of the Swiss army for the Internet of Things. With the help of MindSpehere, the businesses can connect to the plants, products, machines, system and at the same time equip the firm with a tangible application data which they could use for analyzing and drawing the insights from it.

According to Professor Dr. Rainer Speh, the first Chief Technology Officer, the technology MindSphere is not merely a system; instead, the innovative technology comes with an intuitive method of comprehending things. The platform is based on the fundamental of co-creating which can work all together with the customers for addressing a certain need for operation by improving the processes. As industry 4.0 is turning into a reality, the significant businesses are viewing digitalization as an opportunity for driving efficiency, productivity, quality as well as speed. Siemens and its partners are curating custom-made applications for suiting the needs of industrial customers.

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