Shadow IoT devices are hiding under the enterprise networks

by | Apr 2, 2019 | IoT News

By the time the world progresses to the year 2025, it is expected that there will be a significant shift in the implementation of the IoT devices. The internet-connected devices are going to reach 21.5 billion which is more than twice the number of internet-connected devices that are existing in the year 2019 i,e., 8 billion.

And this made most of the governmental organizations around the world to come up with the new and cutting edge cyber security solutions. One of the major concerns of these regulatory agencies is the shadow internet-connected devices that access many networks.

The new problem is regarded as the shadow Internet of Things. The basic definition of the Internet of Things is that the devices which are connected to the internet, 24X7, 365 days. Some of the significant Internet of Things devices are HVAC systems, vending machines, cars. The types of a conventional Internet of Things devices are laptop and smartphones.

The shadow IoT devices are the devices which are not monitored by the resources that come from the Information Technology department of important organizations around the world. 802 Secure conducted a survey of around 90 percent of the tech organizations in the year 2018. The study stated that there are many IoT devices or IIoT devices which are undetected. These devices work on the separate network rather than utilizing the infrastructure of the enterprises.

Avast’s threat intelligence head, Michal Salat said that these devices are the primary consumer devices that are brought into the organizations’ working environment by vendors, employees as well as contractors. Some of the most common Internet of Things devices that are usually found on the networks of the enterprise are the fitness trackers, digitized voice assistant such as Google Home, Amazon Alex and also the groundbreaking smart TVs. Even Apple TV and Google Chromecast also falls into the category of shadow IoT devices.

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