Sequans unveils a new 4G IoT Module for Sprint Curiosity Internet of Things

by | May 22, 2019 | IoT Companies

Sequans Communications has reportedly announced the certification and commercial availability of SP150Q LTE Cat 1 module. The company has specifically designed the LTE Internet of Things Module that will operate on Sprint’s dedicated Curiosity IoT dedicated operating system and core network.

The IoT module has been explicitly engineered for generating immediate business intelligence that comes from the connected devices. According to the sources, Positioning Universal is the foremost customer who will adopt the module. On the other hand, PUI has also launched the automotive tracker FJ1000.

In a press release, Sequans Communication said that they are over enthusiastic for reporting the early and newfound success of the collaboration with Sprint. The unification of these companies would bring the most innovative Positioning Universal PUI telematics devices to the global market through Curiosity IoT by Sprint.

The CEO of Sequans, Georges Karam, said that the network and wireless provider Sprint has been adding customers to the dedication OS and Internet of Things network, Curiosity IoT. According to Karam, the IoT solution will curate the most optimized operating system environment for the connected devices.

Karam also said that he is extremely pleased to be an integral part of the most aggressive Internet of Things strategy. And this enables Positioning Universal to release the telematics devices in record time.

The Sequans SP150Q Internet of Things module also demonstrates ground-breaking capabilities along with seamless integration to the Curiosity Internet of Things all through the certification testing. Technically the module has passed the test without showing any issues, according to Senior VP of product and IoT development at Sprint, Ivo Rook.

Together, Sequans and Sprint have carried out the LTE IoT commitment, and at the same time. They have also simplified the process for bringing a ground-breaking LTE automotive tracker to the market via Sprint.

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