Semtech announces release of LoRa based IoT applications for simplicity

by | Mar 15, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

One of the leading suppliers of mixed signal and analog semiconductors and advanced algorithm with high performance, Semtech Corporation, has recently announced the introduction of a robust platform for LoRa- based solutions. The solutions include manageable hardware, developer building blocks and cloud services. With the dedicated vision towards integration of Internet of Things solutions for the future in the present time, Semtech is facilitating a complete bundle including development accelerators. These accelerators could play a huge role in streamlining and simplification of the process of development, deployment and management of IoT applications based on LoRa.

The latest IoT trends in the tech landscape provide vast opportunities for solution developments and system integrators in recognizing and addressing customer needs in context of operational, ROI and process segments with respect to customer needs. Semtech has identified that the technological advantages in the case of LoRaWAN protocol with the support of its availability could be used for development of IoT solutions based on LoRaWAN that can lead to the outcomes of faster ROIs.

According to recent IoT updates, the Vice President and General Manager of the Wireless and Sensing Products Group of Semtech, Alistair Fulton, has stated that IoT solutions are capable of reforming the world through delivery of analytical insights that can help in revising the approaches for living, working and consumptions of natural resources. He also added that Semtech believes in simplification of the development process for IoT solutions by facilitating new products and services that can posit LoRa as the most flexible approach for development and management of IoT solutions.

Further information in IoT articles provide insights into the three basic areas focused by Semtech for IoT application design and deployment with the use of LoRa-based platform. These three areas would be LoRa Cloud Services, LoRa Hardware and LoRa basics.

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