Security of the Internet of Things should evolve for its eminent survival

by | Jun 17, 2019 | IoT News

Since the Mirai Botnet attack, several speculations, experimentations and analysis were made regarding security protocols of the Internet of Things devices. The conventional IT security techniques are not benefiting the essence of IoT devices and sensors around the world. Most of the processor and SoCs of IoT devices are extremely small and with their firewalls.

The IoT devices are capable of using multiple channels for communications & connectivity types. Moreover, they have easy accessibility to the online interfaces that make the devices a golden goose for malicious attackers.

Due to the massive growth in the Internet of Things devices in the enterprise and consumer spheres, a wide array of regulations have come into being for improving the necessary security of such devices. Moreover, a massive number of regulations have been put into effect for enhancing the security of these devices. In the last couple of months, the UK Government has sanctioned a bill concerning IoT’s security called “Secure by Design.” Under this bill, the IoT manufacturers have to maintain a minimum level of security to make the devices safe from botnet and malicious attacks.

Additionally, the legislation of California also enacted a bill to make the IoT devices safe. Nevertheless, the attacks of IoT devices cannot be solved by simple measures. The only way to make the IoT devices & sensors safe is by enhancing the cybersecurity.

On the other hand, there are numerous alternatives to on-device protection that makes use of Artificial Intelligence capabilities as well as machine learning to monitor traffic. The techniques would help predict the attack much before it even takes place. There is another alternative to solve the persisting problem with security, IT endpoints. These endpoints utilize the firewalls in blocking the incoming threats most straightforwardly.

Most of the organizations which incorporate the IoT and uses its services in day to day basis use VPN services to keep the threats related to the device at bay.

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