Security Flaws in P2P Software Making IoT Devices Vulnerable

by | Apr 27, 2019 | IoT Companies

Millions of IoT devices have become vulnerable due to security flaws. It has affected peer-to-peer software resulting in cyber-attacks. Hence, China developed iLnkP2P software to integrate millions of devices. It includes IoT systems like security cameras, smart devices, digital video recorders, etc.

However, Brian Krebs, a security journalist finds critical flaws in security systems. According to Brian, the software might expose information regarding device owners. It can lead to theft in credentials of owners and other related activities.In fact, software for security must allow users to track devices. They must not need users to check the router’s firewall of their broadband rigorously. The main purpose of such software is to connect with different devices. Users must easily connect the device through their smartphones. It will require scanning QR code or enter the identification code of six digits.

Chinese Software Fails to Provide Proper Identification Process- Krebs. On the other hand, Krebs says that Chinese software do not offer any sort of process for identification. And, it does not encrypt the communications too. As a result, it becomes easier for an attacker is to tap the six-digit code. In this way, the attacker can get access to the software.

Further, according to Krebs, security researcher Paul Marrapese analyzed the Chinese software, iLnkP2P. He also claims that about 6 million variations are there with the system of digital coding. Among them, the company uses about 2 million variations of it. If one connects to a certain network, the Chinese software sends a message. So, users can easily connect home security devices to smartphones. It also becomes easy for the attackers to detect the password of devices.

Furthermore, Marrapese tells Krebs that a server with P2P software directs connection request towards the heartbeat message which is received. Therefore, attackers can issue false heartbeat message to displace issues from actual devices.


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