Securing IoT devices is the priority due to the new bill

by | Mar 14, 2019 | IoT News

Indiana Internet of Things Lab says that adding the cutting edge cybersecurity in the Internet of Things from the beginning is extremely crucial. One of the reasons why making an IoT device need top-notch security than the methods coming from other platforms is because the Internet of Things devices provides a better level of insights along with a high valuation from the collected data.

It is currently estimated that before 2019 ends, over 14 billion of the connected devices are going to be live and by the time the world progresses to 2021 around 25 billion devices will be live. Given that these connected devices have a great potential for helping the enterprises to unlock a better level of insights as well as the value of a collection of data which they collect. This furthermore increases the vulnerability of the devices when it comes to cybersecurity attack landscape according to the state report on the Internet of Things published by Indiana IoT Lab.

The research also shows that the IoT devices which are commonly used on day to day basis is comprised of tons of vulnerabilities such as encryption, password security as well as issues related to authentication. The data analytics director John Roach points out the concern in the report. As of now, John Roach is a data analysis scientist at KSM Consulting.

According to Roach, the crucial point of making the Internet of Things a total success lies in perfectly balancing features and affordability with better security. Technology generally involves the consideration of rationalized risk and the Internet of Things is not an exception to the fundamental principle of technology. When it comes to the value of the Internet of Things, it is increasing at a fast pace, and this calls forward the need to balance the devices against the security breach. On the other hand, focusing entirely on security will, in turn, limit the potential that IoT holds.

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