SecureRF combines with Global Semiconductor Alliance and a IoT security group

by | Apr 11, 2019 | IoT Companies

The SecureRF has recently revealed that they are going to combine their forces with the Global Semiconductor Alliance also known as GSA. And on top of that, the IoT security provider has also obtained an invitation for participating with the Internet of Things Security Working Group. By the looks of it, SecureRF provides security tools that deliver authentication, identification as well as protection of data that optimizes the devices and low powered processors.

The Global Semiconductor Alliance Internet of Things Security Working Group came into being in the year 2018 for addressing end-to-end issues based on the Internet of Things security. Some of the IoT platform companies, chipset vendors, service providers as well as cloud vendors are the distinctive members of the group. The goal of the group is in promoting best in class practice for driving a better level of security in the Internet of Things devices along. The group will also look after the statistics of threats and attacks which generally defines the security requirements as well as standardized bodies.

According to the Executive Director GSA, Shrikant Lohokare, SecureRF is deemed as a highly respected innovator in the entire industry. It addresses the security threats of the Internet of Things based on quantum resistant. SecureRF has curated an advanced level of cryptographic technology which makes most of the platforms safe and secure. Lohokare is pleased to work with the GSA IoT Security Working Group to provide expertise on the concern related to the Internet of Things security. The goal of the collaboration is to generate robust end-to-end security guidelines which will benefit every single aspect in the ecosystem of the Internet of Things.

SecureRF is going to bring forward a harmonious perspective to the semiconductor partner for delivering security to the internet connected devices such as the Internet of Things.

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