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by | Apr 4, 2019 | IoT News

Due to unchecked and inconsiderable security measures, the Internet of Things has proven out to be controversial. This is a reason as to why the IoT devices are not safe. One of the reasons is that they are often connected to the internet.

F-Secure reports that there is an increasing number of attacks that paved its way to the Internet of Things devices. Mostly to the existing weaknesses in the security module or architecture is in these devices such as weak passwords and software. The labs of F-Secure have observed that attacks on the Internet of Things devices were twice in number in the year 2018. Nevertheless, most of these devices utilize the predictable and known techniques that compromise the devices. The treats are often targeted towards the default or weak credentials along with unpatched vulnerabilities.

Tom Gaffney, the Operator Consultant of the F-Secure says that the vendors of large devices have been paying attention to bring a better level of security to their devices. Beforehand the manufacturers were solely focused on deploying and rolling out more devices without considering the safety of the devices. The manufacturers in the past year did not think that the privacy and security of the IoT devices are going to become significant concerns when it comes to IoT.

Even the big players such as Amazon and Google are making strides into their smart home products by ethical aid hackers such as Mark Barnes. There was not any sign of the IoT threats before the year 2014. Nevertheless, in time, the attackers found a way to affect the cutting edge Internet of Things devices.

F-Secure also claims that some of the root causes of the problems with the IoT devices begin with the supply chain of the manufacturers. Security of the IoT devices has become a significant concern in the year 2019 as well.

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